A new memorial plaque was placed at “Topovske supe”, and a plea has been send to the State to properly mark concentration camps

May 4, 2019

topovske supeOn the occasion of the Day of Remembrance and Courage, on May 2, representatives of the Jewish community discovered a new memorial plaque at “Topovske supe” commemorated to the Jews and Roma killed in the camp and appealed to the State to adequately mark this and others camps.

Rabbi Isak Asiel said at the commemoration when placing the plaque, that “Topovske supe” and the “Staro sajmiste” today are an exam for the state of Serbia and conscience. “The fate of these two objects will determine the being of our people and our State”.

topovske supeConcentration camp “Topovske supe” was a place where the occupying forces, in cooperation with quisling, daily brought hundreds of Jews from Belgrade and Banat, in order to take them to execution around Belgrade, mostly in the village of Jabuka near Pancevo. In occupied Serbia Jews have been subjected to severe terror since the beginning of the German occupation, and within a year almost completely destroyed. In August 1942 german General Turner, the military commander of Serbia, reported to his superiors that the Jewish issue in Serbia has been “resolved”.