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May 9 Victory Day

May 9 is the Victory Day over Nazi-Fascism, the Europe Day and the day of the Founding of the National Avant-garde. We wish a happy birthday to all of our members and sympathizers.

Umberto Eco in defence of the National Avant-garde

This piece was written as a response to the article of Ms. Vesna Pešić “Ur-fascists have declared war on Belgrade”, published on the Peščanik portal on 10 October 2018. From the moment the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić opened the conference Towards a Safer...

The two Serbian anti-fascist movements

The National Avant-garde would like to mark, what has been known by the senior generations as the May 25 Celebration, with the publication of one of our proposals that we will advocate in the future. We believe that the earthly remains of Josip Broz Tito should be...