U.S. Senate Elections – Freedom or Socialism

Nov 7, 2020

In November 2020, the U.S. Senate elections were held at the same time as the United States presidential elections. The amount of money invested in the traditionally Republican states speaks volumes about the significance of these elections, all in an effort to remove the last obstacle to the implementation of the ideology of the radical left – embodied in the Democratic Party. Why is that so? Why do Democrats want to win a majority in the Senate?

One of the key functions of the U.S. Senate is the confirmation of the Supreme Court justices, which are nominated by the President of the USA. The Supreme Court limits the executive power and preserves the ideas passed on in the American society throughout two and a half centuries of its existence. It preserves the ideas of the Founding Fathers and the American Revolution. Ideas of freedom, justice, and equal opportunities. Democrats need a majority in the Senate in order to expand the composition of the Supreme Court and make it a party institution serving to realize the ideas of a radical change of the American society.

For example, Republicans from South Carolina have been accused of racism several times, even though the first African American (Tim Scott) to serve both as a Congressman and a Senator in history came from this federal state. Research has shown that issues of racial and ethnic relations (or conflict), on the basis of which the radical left is trying to take over the Senate, are not the most important topics for the American citizens at all. The citizens have confirmed this with their electoral will. The economy is the first and most important issue, as well as the fundamental field of conflict of the opposing ideologies in the United States. That is why after his victory, Roger Marshall, a Republican Senator from Kansas, stated that the citizens had chosen freedom over socialism. In an effort to beat him, his opponent from the ranks of the Democrats, Barbara Bollier, had raised four times as much money as Marshall ($24 million versus $6 million).

Lindsey Graham, a Republican Senator from South Carolina, said in his victory speech on November 3 that his Democratic opponent Jaime Harrison had raised more money than anybody in the history of the U.S. Senate race (almost $40 million more than the Republican candidate). However, even that amount of money was not enough for the Republican Senator to be defeated. During the entire election race in the United States, the Democrats spent almost twice as much as their Republican opponents. Rough estimates put the Democratic spending around nearly $7 billion, while Republicans spent just under $4 billion. As we can see, the radical left in the form of the Democratic Party was capable of anything – from causing unrest to investing a large amount of money – only to seize power and endanger American freedom.

Having won over 70 million votes in the presidential elections, the Republican Party achieved its best result in history. The growing support has been recorded among almost all ethnic groups and social categories in the United States. This amount of citizens’ support for conservative ideas will enable the defense of the U.S. Senate and society from the ideology of radical socialism. The support for the ideas of freedom, equal opportunities and justice clearly indicates that the U.S. citizens are still a major obstacle to the victory of socialist extremism, which threatens to become global.