Sebastian Kurz: We want to decide who is allowed to come into Austria

Feb 26, 2019

trump and kurzKurz and Trump met at the White House on Wednesday. The reception was very friendly, Trump spoke of a “great relationship” with Austria. Among other things, the talks dealt with punitive tariffs on European cars. If there is no “deal” with the Europeans, he will impose the tariffs, said the US president accordingly.

For Kurz satisfying thing was the opportunity to explain EU position. “I think especially when you do not have the same approach, it’s good to have an exchange of views.” – said the Austrian Chancellor.

“My position was always clear on these issues. We are not against immigration, but we want to have control on immigration. We want to decide who is allowed to come into Austria. We should not let human traffickers decide. If someone gets a positive asylum decision in Austria, they are allowed to stay. What we try to do is to send back those who have a negative asylum decision.”