Orban: Mothers with 4 or more children will not pay taxes

Feb 12, 2019

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has promised that the mothers of four or more children will be exempted from paying income tax to encourage population growth in the country. Orban believes it is better to motivate the Hungarians to have more children than to allow immigrants from Muslim countries to enter Hungary.

“There are fewer children all over Europe, and the West’s response is immigration. They want to make up for the lack of children by allowing more migrants to enter the country. We, the Hungarians, are thinking differently. Instead of numbers, we want Hungarian children. For us migration means surrender. This is Hungary’s response to the reduction of population, not to the migrations, “said Orban

The following measures were announced: every woman under the age of 40 who gets married for the first time will receive a loan of 10 million forints (31,417 euros), which she will have to repay in three years. If she gives birth to first child, she will only have to pay off a third, and after the third child, she will not have to return anything. In addition, lending programs for the purchase of apartments will be improved, and the guarantee will, depending on the number of children, be taken over by the state.

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