Jasenovac Auschwitz of the Balkans – Ustasha Empire of cruelty

26 Oct,2018

The book “Jasenovac Auschwitz of the Balkans –  Ustasha Empire of the cruelty” by Gideon Graif Phd the world-renowned Israeli expert for Auschwitz and the death factories in World War II was presented today at Belgrade’s Book Fair. The book was printed in Israel, and the members of editorial board were prominent professors and historians from Israel, the United States, Norway, Italy and Japan.

This monograph is a multidisciplinary study accomplishing for the first time in history scientific comparative analysis of Auschwitz and Jasenovac, performed by a world-renowned expert for Auschwitz – Gideon Graif PhD.

In cooperation with the consultants from the International Expert Group GH7, Graef confirms the thesis of historians from Israel, but also from other countries world-wide, that Jasenovac was not a labor but a death camp. This claim is proven in the book with an extensive 700 page analysis of this world-renowned expert for Auschwitz, who has dedicated 41 years to studying the phenomenon of death factories in World War II.


Professor Gideon Graif, PhD
H.E. Alona Fisher-Kamm, PhD –  Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Republic of Serbia
Moshe Ha – Elion (96 years) – President of the Association of the Holocaust Survivors
Milinko Cekic (92 years) – President of the Association of Detainees “Jasenovac”
Jelena Buhac Radojicic (86 years) – surviving child prisoner of Jasenovac and the promoter of STOP REVISIONISM campaign
David Bitton, PhD – Expert in Jewish studies Ono Academic College (Israel)
Katharine Gorsuch and Avi Mizrachi – The Foundation for Holocaust Education Projects (USA)
Prof. Israel Hershkovitz, PhD – Faculty of Medicine Tel Aviv University, expert in anatomy and forensic research (Israel)