Promotion of the book “The Diplomatic Mission of Captain David Albala, PhD”

2 Jun,2018

According to the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu statement in 2014, the Jewish and Serbian people have always been friendly nations. The Jews always were and stayed loyal citizens giving full contribution to Serbia, which they regarded as their own country. One of the many “Serbs of the faith of Moses” who gave an immense contribution to the preservation of Serbia was Captain David Albala.

Albala was participant of both Balkan Wars, and a doctor of the Serbian army in Corfu. At the end of 1917 he went on a highly important mission to Washington to lobby in US political circles for helping Serbia using his Jewish background and connections. He managed to secure a  1 million US dollars war loan. Albala had a similar mission in 1941, trying to help in armament of The Kingdom of Yugoslavia, at the time endangered by Nazi Germany. The Jewish community in the United States has helped us once again, but the job failed to be fulfilled due to the sudden Hitler’s attack on Yugoslavia.

On the book’s promotion speakers were: distinguished professor Dr. Gideon Graif – the director of Israeli Holocaust Institute, Ambassador Ljiljana Niksic, MA Dejan Jovanovic, and David Albala descendants living in the United States, with whom every contact was lost until recently.